I was born in Manchester in 1946. At about 7 years old I watched my older brother Dennis, in a room with a reddish light. He put what was a black & white negative ( I didn't have a clue what it was) on to a piece of paper and under a piece of glass. He then clicked the light on in the room for a few seconds, took the paper from under the glass and put it into a dish of water. Before my eyes a picture of my Mum & Dad and our dog appeared, I was hooked, I wanted to be a photographer from that day on and I have enjoyed every second of the journey.

I studied Photography at Manchester College of Sceince & Technology while working at one of Manchesters top commercial and advertising photographic studios, as a black & white printer/assistant photographer. I was very lucky to be promoted to junior photographer at the very young age of 18 years, just 11 years since my dream began. I worked up through the Manchester, London and Leeds studios until I became senior photographer, at the very top Manchester studio of that time, 'Carlton Photography & Design'

In 1977 I moved with my family for the more peaceful life in Cornwall. But after just 6 months of being out of photography, missing it so much I opened my own commercial photographic studio in Mawgan Porth a most beautiful bay just north of Newquay. My studio 'Salmon Creative Photography' was to become one of the most successful studios in the South West. However the magnificent scenery around me each and every day inspired me to take up another long ago dream of landscape photography. I began seriously photographing landscapes of my local area just 2 years ago and slowly moving further afield. I have now combined landscape photography with creative studio photography and created 'Pictures For Walls' I hope that you enjoy my site, it will be added to daily. If there is something or someplace that you would like to be photographed just let me know via the links here I will be pleased to take the pictures free of any charge and add them to this site for you to view.